About Us

What we do

We deliver acts of 'wowness' by bringing 'Glamping'to the comfort of your home. We design, provide and set-up everything needed for the ultimate themed sleepover treat.

We create your ultimate sleepover experience in

3 easy steps.


1. Choose your date

2. Choose your theme

3. Choose your add-ons


Leave the rest to us! 


Why choose us?

 We have exceptionally high standards and feel that this is evident in all that we do. We take great care and time to ensure we source and use only the best quality products we can find. We do not and will not compromise on the safety of our Little Glampers. To provide further reassurance to our customers we have both public and product liability insurance. We want to be the best at what we do and our reputation is very important to us.  

It’s not just a great experience for our Little Glampers, we have parents/carers covered too!

We love nothing more than to support parents/carers to create everlasting memories for their little ones and we love to hear about your Little Glampers' ‘wow’ moment when they see their sleepover set up for the first time. 

Minimising stress for busy parents/carers is a must. We take care of delivery, set up, collection and even the laundry. As well as offering a customised ‘Parent Survival Kit’ for the night. 

As well as great sleepover parties, we can also create the perfect little hideaway retreat for the children at your wedding or event. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

Contact us today so we can start planning! 

The  Little Glampers Team

Little Glampers is a very small family run business based in Northamptonshire. We are new comers to 'event planning' and launched in May 2018.



I'm Emily, the driving force and creative one behind Little Glampers. After having my children and experiencing some significant life events I took the opportunity to reassess my outlook on life, with the aim of achieving a better work-life balance as well as wanting to make something of my own a success.

I started to consider what transferable skills I had from my teaching career. Family and friends were quick to point out how fantastic any event I had planned was (whether it be a wedding, Christening, hen or birthday party). 


This got me thinking! The reason they were so highly regarded was because I loved doing it! I can spend hours thinking up new and exciting ideas and sourcing the item that is 'just right' for the job in hand. Event planning excites me and I love seeing the end result and knowing that everyone has had a fantastic and memorable time. Following some research I came across numerous articles on the popularity of sleepover parties in countries such as America and Australia. I felt there was a gap in the UK market for us, so after many months of planning, designing, buying and business related meetings Little Glampers was born.



My husband Thomas is our handyman and my financial adviser. He has spent many hours in the Little Glampers workshop making our handmade A-framed tents and spends the rest of his time trying to manage my next extravagant idea. If he had it his way we would only have one theme, but  I think he is secretly excited by unicorns and flamingos, just like the rest of us.

Our Mini Glampers (James and Annabel) lend a helping hand by testing our new products for durability and the 'I want one' factor!